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Virtual Instructor-led Training Organization Readiness Assessment

Organizations interested in pursuing live virtual instructor-led training (v-ILT) as a delivery medium could benefit from a pre-assessment. I discovered this wonderful short10-question assessmentpublished byTrainingFolks.  This tool can help talent and learning organizations determine their level of readiness for v-ILT.

Many organizations believe they have adopted v-ILT when what they have actually done is deploy webinars to mass numbers of employees and call it training. Nothing can be further from the truth.  Webinars do have their place in learning, but they are a far cry from true virtual instructor-led training events.  

Is your organizational ready? Have you already launched but are not totally satisfied with organizational adoption? Are your senior leaders on board or are they just giving you lip service?  Use the Assessment to discover where you are and discover some useful next steps.

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