• Janet Lockhart-Jones

"7 Leadership Behaviors that Build Success"

Here is an article that offers "7 Leadership Behaviors that Build Success." What I find very interesting (and have for quite a while now) are the many articles, publications and research studies that attempt to define what "good leadership" is. Articles like "What makes a Great Leader", "Effective Leadership Traits", "Ten Characteristics of Great Leaders", will pretty much say the same thing. While this content is worthy, I see two issues that deserve equal attention. First, what are the organizational and systemic challenges and pressures that often deter leaders from consistently exercising good moral judgment, ethics, and overall accountability in their role as a leader? Secondly, if we as scholars and practitioners understand the answer to this question, perhaps our gift to leadership development programs should be to emphasize strategies and practices that help leaders stay on the moral high ground, operate from a set of core principles and values and thus enable them to exercise greater resistance to those aspects of organizational pressures that some often succumb to. Food for thought!