• Janet Lockhart-Jones

Understanding DISC

Project Partners Consulting Inc. has Certified DISCSTYLES Consultants available to administer and debrief DISC results to individuals, teams and leaders.

The DISC online assessment is a resource for all types of individuals and organizations; public or private, large or small. DISC teaches users powerful behavioral profiling skills which can directly improve performance and increase productivity in a variety of settings and professional frameworks. Learn to positively persuade other people and drive sales, build “A” teams for special projects, improve hiring & selection, empower management and much more. Based on the research of Dr. William Moulton Marston, DISC is the most widely-used behavior profiling tool of its kind, supported by decades of research and continuous validation.

When it comes to the DISC Assessment, there are several options available: DISC Self, DISC Leadership, DISC SALES, DISC Service, and DISC Coaching. As Certified DISCSTYLES consultants we work with our clients to ensure they select the correct assessment and pay for only that which is needed. When DISC and EIQ-2 Assessments are used together as part of a leadership development strategy for high potential and high performing staff, the combined results are powerful and provide a great foundation for heightened growth, development, self-awareness and building leadership bench strength.

Interested in seeing a sample report? Click on the link below.