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Management Consulting

critical thinking. systems thinking. innovation. results.

Services delivered are always based on client requirements.  Services have included, for example, change management planning; converting ILT courses to v-ILT; designing team effectiveness workshops; coaching and mentoring IT project managers; leadership development planning; and, facilitating multi-day project work sessions for aerospace engineers. Client needs are always addressed with critical and system thinking as core foundations, leading to innovative and creative solutions.

Training and Facilitation

"Developing talent is never a bad investment"

Whether leading a workshop or seminar, delivering a keynote address or facilitating executives through strategy sessions, an unparalleled client experience is driven by expertise, passion, humor, and candor. Leadership development and other learning forums immerse audiences in 'WOW' experiences that have an impact and leave participants wanting more.

In addition to one or two day courses, PPCI can offer clients a selection of mini-courses ( 1-2 hours in duration) where appropriate.  All PPCI readily available training offerings can be offered live, ILT or live, virtual using WebEx, AdobeConnect, Zoom or other virtual training platforms.  


"Unlocking personal and professional potential"

Project Partners Consulting Inc. will only assign an ICF-Certified Coach to work with clients. Depending on business needs, PPCI can design and develop an organization-wide coaching program, establish and conduct group coaching sessions, or on an ongoing basis, coach leaders as part of their professional development strategy. A wide range of coaching services are available.

Team and Group Development

Expert Guidance

PPCI understands that the ability of teams to work together harmoniously is largely dependent on team infrastructure, including the definition of roles, responsibilities, established norms and documented team processes. However, many teams after forming, get stuck in the second stage of team or group development, 'storming'. Every team or group will experience this but for some, the 'storming' phase lasts or seems to last forever, adversely impacting team health and its ability to be optimally successful.

PPCI has experience moving teams from 'storming' to 'norming' and 'performing'. Facilitated discussions, team assessments, and 360 feedback tools are just a sampling of what PPCI can offer to move teams forward. 

Talent Assessments

Discovery and Growth

Companies today are using talent, personality and behavioral assessments for a myriad of reasons: pre-hire, professional development, skills gap analysis, etc. What's important is that the right assessment is chosen for the right reason and used with the right candidate.  Project Partners Consulting, Inc. helps companies gain valuable insight into the development needs of high-potential and high performers, or to ensure, in general, the appropriate use of assessments. Currently, clients have the following assessments available through PPCI:

DISC (Self, Sales, Leadership)

EIQ-2 (Emotional Intelligence)

Hartman Value Profile

Learning Styles