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These podcasts and videos offer practical insights, how-tos, and guidance on designing, developing and implementing synchronous virtual training. Additionally, because of our expertise in designing leadership development and other talent management solutions, you will also find insightful, information-rich podcast episodes that addresses this topic as well. 

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"Just finished listening to your awesome podcast on best practices for VILT ! Wow great strategies I can apply immediately (I didn't know you were a coach as well!). Thank you for sharing all your time & energy to raise the bar of what’s possible! Cheering your success!"

~ Sheila Hutchinson, M.Ed

Best Practices for Virtual Training Events

In this episode, learn from Dr. Janet Lockhart-Jones, a Leadership Strategist, Speaker, Executive Coach, and Corporate Trainer, as she shares best practices for creating successful virtual training events. Dr. Lockhart-Jones offers the dos and don’ts for hosting your next VILT session with Powered by Learning Host Susan Cort and co-host Jenny Fedullo.

The Mandate for Leaders
Defining Leadership

Finally, a definition of leadership that works (and crushes others).

Why do the wrong people get placed in leadership roles?

Wrong People in Leader Roles

Leadership in Crisis: The Burning Case for Principles, Values and Ethics in Today's Leaders

The Case for Morals and Ethics
Synchronous Virtual Training Explained

Synchronous virtual training; how much do you "really" know about it?

In this episode, Janet Lockhart-Jones and Brian Kadish share with listeners their expertise in designing, creating, implementing, and facilitating virtual training events. Together Dr. Janet Lockhart-Jones and Brian Kadish have over 30 years of Enterprise Learning and Development expertise. Dr. Lockhart-Jones has designed and delivered synchronous virtual training for clients worldwide for the past 15 years and is an expert on the subject.  

Find out what it really takes 

Mastering Virtual Training 
Seven Best Practices to Wow your Live Virtual Audience
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