Dr. Janet Lockhart-Jones

President/Founder/Chief Learning Leader

Since 2003, Janet has served as President/Principal Consultant for Project Partners Consulting, Inc. In this capacity, she has traveled the globe supporting Fortune 500 company initiatives in the capacity of a senior program manager or project consultant, strategic planning leader, leadership consultant, organizational change consultant, or workshop/motivational speaker.


Janet has led the development and launch of corporate-wide talent development and process improvement initiatives, built leadership development and coaching practices, and led the implementation of change management efforts and communications strategies for companies undergoing change.


Janet’s background as a learning and development leader spans a broad range of industries. Those serviced include technology, healthcare, government, financial services, energy, food service, academia, and non-profit organizations.   


Janet’s work has led to assignments all over the globe.  She has worked extensively in the United States with many Silicon Valley-based companies, and all over Europe, India, South America, the Caribbean, and Canada. A native San Franciscan, Dr. Lockhart-Jones currently resides in Northern California.  She holds a Doctorate Degree in Organization and Leadership, a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business. She is also a Certified Human Resources Strategist, an ICF-Certified Work and Life Coach (ACC), an Accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner, a Certified DISC Practitional and a Certified EIQ-2 (Emotional Intelligence) Consultant.


Gail Russell Carey

Vice-President, Sales & Marketing

Gail is masterful at strategic marketing and B2B sales. She has managed territorial sales staff numbering over 600 with business revenue exceeding $50M.  Gail's Marketing and Sales expertise include selling to C-Suite executives across a broad range of industries including retail, medical and hospitality. 


In addition to Sales, Marketing and general business acumen, Gail has superior skills in sales program management and onboarding new sales hires. Gail possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.


Gail believes that creatively engaging, motivating and influencing staff at all organizational levels has been key to her success. Adding to this is her ability to build and effectively lead functionally and culturally diverse teams.

Debbie Tompkins

Director, Technology and Web Services

Debbie Tompkins brings over 30 years of Information Technology experience to Project Partners Consulting, Inc. She was very instrumental in the technology evolvement of the United States Postal Service. Spending the vast majority of her working career there, she assisted in the company’s transition from mainframe to personal computers; implemented and trained users on the first electronic mail system. As a programmer/developer she deployed an automated system to mail facilities throughout the U.S. that assisted in tracking and managing mail inventory in the yard as well as contract carrier vehicles. Debbie developed the first web-based repository system to store infrastructure information of all the Postal Service’s Area Offices. One of her major accomplishments as program manager was managing the development and deployment of the first self-service kiosk that allowed customers to mail letters and packages, therefore reducing the wait time in line at the post office. She was also responsible for working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) along with representatives from international posts abroad to ensure the safety of the mail by building technology that allowed the exchange of data between posts to be shared with CBP to prevent unauthorized, and possibly harmful items being sent through the mail.


Debbie received her undergraduate degree in Information Technology from Columbia College and holds a Master’s degree in Business Management from Webster University. Over the course of her career, she has received numerous awards for her outstanding work performances and accomplishments.