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What our clients say about working with us

"Janet coached me at a pivotal moment in my career and I won't ever forget.

I was an Asia Pacific regional Director at Pitney Bowes when Janet became my career and life coach. We’d met before when Janet assessed and trained my team with Insights personality profiling but it was this individual coaching time spread over 6 months that became the turning point in my career and with my life.

What was going to be hard was that we had to do the coaching sessions by phone. Janet in California and myself in Sydney but, thanks to Janet’s experience and skill, this really didn’t seem to affect the quality of our sessions.

Janet helped me understand the path that I wanted to follow. I needed to decide what I really wanted from life – to carry on pursuing a career into executive leadership at an established corporate or step outside and see what I could do on my own. At each of our coaching sessions there was always one key question that Janet asked that made me stop and re-qualify what I was doing, what I was thinking and why.

Several times I returned to my comfort zone – talking about pursuing career opportunities within Pitney Bowes or looking for a secure salaried future in another corporate – but Janet would keep reminding me of my north star, what I really wanted to do.

It’s because of Janet that I realised what I wanted and kept true to it when many options came my way. Janet helped me become comfortable and confident to work with a technology startup, to lead a company in my own image and to make it successful. If I can’t make it work then I will have tried and learned. It’s my moon shot and I thank Janet for helping me design my rocket.

If you are lucky enough to get Janet as an executive coach or trainer then you'll find yourself as a stronger person. I can't recommend her enough."​​

Andy Moy

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"Janet brings a thoughtful, organized and customer-centric approach to her daily workings. She provides valuable insight which is tied to her multi-level experiences, and her business acumen is unsurpassed. Janet has the uncanny ability to ask the right probing questions to get to the heart of a matter.


She is sincere and focused to help the business meet their goals and objectives while ensuring individuals have the skills they need to achieve success. All of these attributes make Janet a superior contributor and her guidance makes her an invaluable team member and mentor. I have truly enjoyed working with Janet."

Mike Laughlin

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"Janet is a change agent. She helped our company navigate significant organizational change. Her training and communications provided deep insight into organizational roles, responsibilities, and future vision. I would recommend Janet for any engagement requiring strategic alignment and change management."

Tony Vanwinkle


"Janet is a top class executive coach/organizational learning professional. Not only she is very very good at coaching experienced professionals but also she puts her heart and soul into the work she does.

Janet has a knack of providing unique insights into professional development needs. Her experience and her personable demeanor make the working with her really enjoyable.

I highly recommend Janet for both personal coaching and group development initiatives."

Prasad Bhandrakar


Janet has been a high-quality partner to IPSolutions ( over the years and continues to provide excellent results in both the development and delivery of educational programs. She has depth in a wide range of subject areas and has a very effective way of leveraging this knowledge for her clients.

Tim Wasserman

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Janet delivered several training sessions to my team in a creative and professional way and challenged the team to step out the comfort zone to show the potential. She facilitated an very important internal business engagement rollout with her highly organized skill, the initial roll out set the foundation for the subsequent ones.

She is also a great professional and personal coach, and she demonstrates high integrity while she is delivering the service.

I will recommend Janet for any business consulting engagements.

Michelle Young


I worked with Janet on several projects at IPS. Janet has a wide range of skills in leadership and management that make her an outstanding member of the team. In course development, Janet was very diligent and resourceful in getting the right material formulated and ready for market. In delivery, Janet used her platform skills to bring information to life for clients under a wide range of challenging conditions. A pleasure to work with even in tough situations, Janet is definitely an "A" player.

Mark Morgan


Janet is an exceptional human capital strategist, executive coach, and group process facilitator. Her focus is on creating, delivering and evaluating solutions that improve business performance, leadership outcomes and team productivity. She quickly builds trust and rapport with her clients and is frequently engaged in ongoing work with teams once the initial assignment is completed. Her emotional intelligence and business acumen make her a highly valued contributor to any team.

Monica Rigney

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"Janet provided me with management training and her presentation of the material was outstanding. The entire class stayed engaged, learned and applied the skills and had fun because of Janet's style. It was clear that Janet was invested in seeing us learn and apply the concepts.

Janet does not merely present information; she role plays and puts her students in realistic situations. She encouraged her students to do the same so that case studies were not dry walk-throughs.

Janet also cared enough to stay after class with me to provide me to discuss further steps I could take to develop myself through additional education. She is very knowledgeable about advanced degree programs and helped me assess some choices of programs for me to pursue. 

I highly recommend Janet as a professional developer of people."

Anne Fitzgerald


"Janet put together an awesome team building event that got people engaged, moving and excited within the first 15 minutes of her arrival. This was a group that tended to hold back, refrain from volunteering and moaned when they were asked to move across the room, yet Janet had even the most reluctant participants raising their hands, yearning to be included. She is charismatic, professional and packs a huge leadership/teamwork message into a "whole-lotta-fun"! I'd hire her in a heartbeat to coach, facilitate, train or bundle work into a very surprising package."

Jeanne Etcheverry


"Janet is an exceptional talent in many areas including workshop facilitation, curriculum development, leadership development, team building and a host of other areas. I had the pleasure of working with Janet at Pitney Bowes and witnessed her exceptional ability to diagnose client needs and develop solutions that well exceeded client expectations. I often heard very positive feedback about Janet's work with different groups and how she implemented solutions that were well received and delivered positive measurable results. 

I have also been a participant in her workshops and she is one of the best facilitators I have ever experienced. She is also a great coach who has the ability to connect with her clients and draw out meaningful and impactful solutions. If you are looking for a talent who can make an immediate impact on results, I highly recommend Janet."

Angela Spears

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